Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hard retired

With: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker, Richard Dreyfuss Director: Robert Schwentke Screenplay:Jon Hoeber, Erich Hoeber, Warren Ellis Genre: Action, Comedy Rating: Not Applicable Manufacturer: DC Entertainment Based on the famous comic's Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) /Hard to retirement is an explosive comedy full of action and suspense. 

The film tells the story of Frank (Bruce Willis), a former top spy with little trouble adapting to normal life of a pensioner. Apparently he knows too much, the new CIA leadership sends a super assassin after him, so Frank turns to his old team members to save their lives. Joe (Morgan Freeman), his former chief of the CIA is now a resident of a nursing home. Victoria (Helen Mirren), an elite character of the CIA fails to have a normal life and is still eager for action. And Marvin (John Malkovich), a former government assassin who was a drug administered daily for 11 years, is a character at least ... eccentric. 

Pensioners shock team do not seem to have too many chances, but for now are the main targets of the CIA, are forced to dig all the skills to survive. And as the best defense is attack, they embark on a daring mission incredible. 

After so many years that Bruce Willis was hard to kill, we now show that e. .. HARD TO PENSION. A comedy offered by MediaPro Distribution.

Forever Shrek 3D - doubled

With: Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, Antonio Banderas Director:Mike Mitchell Screenplay: Josh Klausner, Darren Lemke Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, FantasyOnce you've wrestled with an evil dragon, you save a beautiful princess, but also your realm-laws, what can you do, you're a true ogre? Well, if your name is Shrek, what else, but to get a good husband and home early. 

Instead of frightening the villagers get in May, as he used it before, Shrek is now thanks to give autographs on their forks. How he died roar? Greedy for the days when it felt like an ogre "true" Shrek is lured to sign a pact with the slick and alunecosul Rumpelstiltskin. Is thrown, so, in an alternate version and completely upside down on the kingdom Far Far Away, where the ogres are hunted, Rumpelstiltskin is king and Shrek and Fiona have not met before. 

Now, sitting in his power to turn things like Shrek were to save his friends, to make the world back, as he was, only to regain his love. 

Dogs and cats: Revenge of Kitty Galore - 3D

With: Alec Baldwin, James Marsden, Chris O'Donnell, Christina Applegate, Bette Midler, Nick Nolte Director: Brad Peyton Screenplay: Ron J. Friedman, Steve Bencich Genre: Comedy"Dogs and cats: Revenge of Kitty Galore" is the 2001 sequel. The battle between cats and dogs continue with plans for world domination and evil with new evidence of canine heroism. 

While "human owners" living in a happy ignorance, four-legged war against each other, using a technology and high-performance variants of spies and assassins of the animal. Lou secret agent makes a good team with three dogs "civilians" to stop the evil cat Mr.Tinkles intending to infect all canine flea population.


With: Michael Ironside, Maia Morgenstern, Claudiu Bleont, Dustin Milligan, Amy Beth Hayes, Vanessa Redgrave, Irene Saulescu, Coca Bloos Directed by: Adrian Popovici Screenplay: Adrian Popovici, Radu Petrescu-Anest, Steve Attridge Genre: Drama Eva Tudor meets the day she turns 16. Tudor is what makes a woman feel fulfilled. For it becomes both a source of boundless love and suffering, the latter condition being caused by his mysterious departure and return. 

In his absence, Eva is forced to go through a lot of difficult events, including Alfonse him to shoot his uncle at one point trying to rape her. May already mature, Eva meets Baron Von Oswald Seele. They married, and finds peace young. When Tudor returns, he revives the love for Eve together and spend a memorable summer at the seaside.

I'm a little bastard - 3D

With: Steve Carell, Julie Andrews, Judd Apatow, Russell Brand Director:Chris Renaud, Pierre Coffin Screenplay: Ken Daurio, Sergio Pablos Genre:Animation, Family, Rating: AG Manufacturer: Illumination EntertainmentIn a suburban neighborhood with clean homes, surrounded by white fences and rose bushes, there is one black house, which is in front of an unkempt lawn. No neighbors to suspect something dark and gloomy house a secret, being inhabited by the planet's biggest villain named Gro. 

After another villain steals the pyramids at Giza, replacing them with some perfect imitations, and his army of criminals GRU plans to make possible the most spectacular heist: to rob the moon. 

The plan is doing great until the day when three girls met Gru orphan named Agnes, Edith and Margo, who tame the soul and touches chord, regarding him as a potential father. And so, the most insidious villain in the universe is forced to face the challenge that the three orphans and launches him to stop his diabolical plan to steal the moon.

People big and foolish - Digital

With: Adam Sandler, Salma Hayek, Chris Rock, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi Director: Dennis Dugan Screenplay: Adam Sandler, Fred Wolf Genre: Comedy Rating: PA-12 Manufacturer: Relativity People big and foolish "is the story of five very good friends: Lenny, Rob, Eric, Kurt and Marcus. At 30 years of graduation from college, five friends and their wives return to his hometown to attend the funeral of their former basketball coach. 

Having met on the occasion of this sad event after many years of separation, the group of five decided to spend a weekend at the lake house in the past sarbatorisera championship by winning their basketball team. For their review coincides with the 4th of July, Lenny, Rob, Eric, Kurt and Marcus recalls past adventures, but in some trouble and fun today.

Resident Evil: Afterlife - 3D

With: Milla Jovovich, Wentworth Miller, Ali Larter, Jensen Ackles Director:Paul WAS Anderson Screenplay: Paul WAS Anderson Genre: Action, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller Rating: N-15 Producer: Constantin Film ProduktionThe fourth installment of the franchise "Resident Evil", which is based on a famous video game use 3D technology for the first time. "Resident Evil: Afterlife" is a science-fiction horror that is in the foreground Alice (Milla Jovovich), a survivor of the dangerous virus that struck and ravaged Los Angeles five years ago and that turned all those infected zombies. 

Still battling with Albert Wesker, president of the Umbrella Corporation, which has established its headquarters in Tokyo and holograms to communicate through his subordinates, courageous Alice has the support of his girlfriend unexpectedly Claire (Ali Larter) to search for survivors and to lead them to a place where you feel safe. 

When Alice and her companions arrive in Los Angeles, found that the metropolis is led by an army composed of thousands of undead who want to attract a dangerous trap. Alice manages to free from jail but a number of people contaminated virus, including Chris (Wentworth Miller), Claire's older brother.